What is a Naturopathic Intern?

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What is a Naturopathic Intern?

We are very pleased to be once again collaborating with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to offer a Naturopathic intern program.   Naturopathic Interns are students who are completing a supervised clinical residency program through Barefoot Health.  These students are in their last year of training and are gaining community and family practise experience outside of the school clinic.

Interns are directly supervised by the senior ND physicians on staff at Barefoot – Dr. Lisa Doran and Dr. Eileen Park. All treatment plans are approved by our senior doctors.

Naturopathic Interns will accept new patients at a discounted rate in the community and they will guide their care for the 4 month term they are completing at Barefoot Health.  They will also be running interesting events and lectures at the clinic, observing our senior ND’s and assisting in such things as routine physical exams, laboratory testing, dispensary compounding etc.

Our Naturopathic Intern for the term of January – May 2017 is Sarah Winward.

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