SOLD OUT A Day Out for “The Girls” – Breast Health Awareness

Day Out For The Girls Breast Health


A Day Out for “The Girls”

When – Tuesday October 17, 2017

Where – At Barefoot Health

When – 12:00 to 7:00pm

The focus of our clinic wellness program this month is Breast Health Awareness.  I’ve noticed that about 80% of women patients at Barefoot Health report that they do not and are not comfortable performing a monthly breast exam.  This astonishes me!  My patient population is engaged and motivated in their health, they do their research, they are committed to their treatment protocols and they work hard to prevent disease and stay well.

The chief reason that I am told that a woman would avoid getting a better understanding of her breast tissue is that no one has ever “taught” women how to do a breast exam.  Simply put, no one has ever one on one gone through the simple steps of a breast exam.  Women need the practical and individual guidance so that they can be confident and comfortable doing their own breast exams, mapping and tracking changes in their own breast tissues.

I think breast exams are a wonderful way to be aware of our bodies.  Do you know what your normal breast tissue feels like?  Are your breasts fibrous?  Are they cystic?  Do bumps and lumps and nodules frighten you?  Are you concerned about breast cancer?  When is the best time to do an exam?  Do you wear an underwire bra?  Do you understand about the important lymphatic flow through your breast tissues and how to encourage this?  What do you do if you feel “something” that worries you?   What foods make your breasts feel tender and sore?

With feedback from my patients and after leading many women through the steps of doing their own breast exam and tracking the changes that they feel on a breast map I have developed a special clinic day that we are offering this month called our “Breast Health Clinic”.

Knowing how our breasts feel when we are healthy and well and understanding how the tissues change throughout our monthly cycles and as we enter the transition of menopause is important and empowering information.   Get familiar with your body!  I invite you to our Breast Health clinic for your own private 30 minute “lesson” in breast health and wellness where you will learn how to get familiar with your breasts, chart findings clearly so that you can compare your breasts month to month and track any changes.  I am going to teach you what we teach medical students when they do a clinical exam – except we will tailor it to your body and your family health and your questions.  We will talk about lymphatic flow, foods, hormones, environmental factors, transitions into menopause.  We will be sure that you leave with resources and instructions that you understand and that you have someone to follow up with if you have questions.  All of this appointment will be in the comfortable environment of our clinic.  All designed for you to have the ability to feel secure in taking charge of the health of your body!





Please enjoy this video that gives me a chuckle every time I watch it – I think that when we start talking about the parts of women’s bodies that for so long have been hidden and taboo that we normalize our bodies and we improve our health!


Dr. Lisa Doran ND

Barefoot Health

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