Immune Health Clinic & Charity Candy Collection!

Immune Health Clinic

Immune Health Clinic!

Are You Flu-Ready?

This November 2, 2017 from 12pm – 7pm Barefoot Health is pleased to host this special event! This Flu season we want to help educate our patients, their family and friends and to emphasize the importance of prevention, optimal health and it’s role in having a healthy fall and winter.

Drop in the clinic for:

  • FREE Little Green Flu “shots”
  • Yummy Change of Season Soup
  • Special Demonstration
  • Door prizes & draws
  • A sneak peak at our newly developed Immune Health Tool Kits for adults and children
  • And of course lots of information about staying healthy and well                                                       


We actually have something awesome to do with your excess Halloween candy.  Your wee ones can donate some of those sugar-bombs they got for Halloween knowing this generosity will bring smiles to children around the world.  We will be sending those donated candies abroad to regions in which children do not get the privilege of a sweet treat and need incentive to eat when lethargy has set in. You and your family can make a difference!

Read Dr. Dorans Article on Boosting Immunity

Want a more personalized approach than a drop-in event?

Have you booked your Immune Health Check-Up yet? Email us to book a 30 minute personalized educational visit with one of our docs to discuss your immune health protocol. Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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