Stress and Your Body: The Adrenal Function Test

Cost:  $25.00

Type:  Urine Test

Results:  10 mins


This simple in-office urine test that Barefoot Health offers our patients helps us to evaluate the health and functioning of adrenal glands.  Adrenal glands are important endocrine glands in the body.  They help us to identify the amount of stress hormones that patients may be producing.  In today’s society of go-go-go where everyone is facing stress and tension from almost every angle of our lives we often over-produce stress hormones.  Stress hormones such as cortisol help us deal with day to day stress.  However, when we have chronic stress and our levels of cortisol are very high for an extended period of time we can begin to see ill effects on our health such as fatigue, insomnia, sleep disturbances, dependency on coffee, weight gain,  loss of libido, digestive problems, delayed immune resiliency, getting sick often, feelings of overwhelm and depression.


Stress reduction and management is important.  Supporting the healthy functioning of our adrenal glands is also very important.  With the adrenal function test not only can we monitor the health of your adrenal glands but we can also monitor the effectiveness of our supportive recovery program.


Please ask your naturopathic doctor about Adrenal Function Testing


Case #1  Sarah


Sarah is a young mother of two children ages 2 and 5 years old.  She is still breastfeeding her two year old.  She works full time outside of the home as a teacher and enjoys her work very much.  Sarah feels very lucky that she was able to obtain full time work right after graduation from her university studies.   Sarah’s chief complaint is unusual fatigue, lethargy, inability to loose weight after the birth of her second child and what she describes as “extreme” PMS with mood swings that swing from crying to angry outbursts.  She reports that she has repeated yeast infections (4x a year) and repeated upper respiratory infections ( 3x a year).  Sarah tells us that she gets to bed by 11pm and is up by 6am but that her sleep is often broken 2-4 x by her children waking in the night and needing comfort and reassurance.  Her Adrenal Function test shows hyperactive adrenal glands.  After 4 weeks of treatment following Barefoot Health’s recommendations Sarah is reporting feeling much more energy, she is starting to loose some weight (5 lbs in 4 weeks) and feelilng more positive.  At her 8 week check in Sarah reports that her last menstruation came with significantly less PMS and she has now successfully lost 10 lbs.  Sarah is coached on some stress management techniques and self care techniques such as massage, daily walks and self guided meditation.  We anticipate a full recovery.


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