Baby and Child Health

Naturopathic child“Our family uses the Naturopathic Doctors at Barefoot Health as our primary contact for all of our health questions. ”

Pediatric Services Offered at

Barefoot Health Naturopathic Clinic

• Yearly Physical Health Screening.

• Allergy and Asthma Consultations.

• Introduction to Solid Foods Consultation.

• Special Diet Consultations (ie Wheat Free, Dairy Free or Vegan Kids)

• Vaccination Education Consultations.

• Digestive Complaints.

• Excema treatment.

• Ear Infection prevention and treatment.

• Food Allergy Testing.

• Child Athlete Nutrition Counseling.

• Nutritional Deficiency Testing.

• Mindful Parenting Strategies.

• Management of ADHD and ADD.

• Management of Autism Spectrum.

• Emergency on-call doctor advice.

• Sleep and Sleep Hygiene.

• Normal Developmental Assessment.

• Sensory Integration Assessment.

• Attachment Parenting and Bonding.

• Environmental Toxins Testing.

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