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Regular Check-Ups and Parent Education Sessions are Important.

For many families our clinic serves as the primary contact and office  for regular well-baby check-ups and a place where parents can get their parenting and early childhood questions answered.  Our naturopathic doctors take the time to get to know the families in our care through regular 30 minute office visits. We offer a unique on-call service that our patients can use.  When your baby spikes a fever after-hours you have somewhere to call for guidance about how to help your sick child naturally and follow up for keeping them healthy.

Our focus is on prevention and wellness.  We want to keep your kids healthy, happy and drug-free.  You will get personalized information based on many years of clinical experience, personal parenting experience and based on solid scientific evidence.

“Dr. Doran and her team at Barefoot Health have been our primary care health team for ten years.  They have cared for our children from birth, through toddlerhood and as healthy kids.  They are always there to answer questions and help when we need.”


Baby Health Care at  Barefoot Health Naturopathic Clinic


• Well Baby Check Ups.

• Normal Developmental Assessments.

• Breast feeding Support.

• Colic and Digestive Upsets.

• Attachment Parenting Coaching.

• Sleep and Sleep Hygiene Counseling.

• First Foods Introduction.

• Healthy Brain Development.

• Vaccination Education Consultations.

• Best Nutrition Choices.

•Allergies and Asthma Prevention.

• Baby Wearing and Carrying.

• Healthy Skin.

• Health for Babies coaching:  fevers, ear infections and childhood illnesses.

• Back to Work Preparation for Moms and Babies.

• Food Allergy Testing.

• Emergency on-call doctor advice.

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