Fertility Program at Barefoot Health

Fertility Program at Barefoot Health

At Barefoot Health we are very proud of our innovative and effective fertility program.

Our program is Multidisciplinary – we use the co-ordinated services of our Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturist and Registered Massage therapist.  We also work collaboratively with the fertility programs in the area supporting women as they choose cycle monitoring, IUI or IVF.

Many families come through our program – from those families just starting their journeys and looking to optimize their health and wellness in order to conceive to those families who are participating in IUI and IVF treatments and are looking for ways to make those treatments more successful.  Our program takes into account the whole picture of your health and we taylor the program to be as individual as you are.

We treat both women and men.

Services that we offer:

  1. Personalized nutritional advice for optimal nutrition
  2. Cleansing and detoxification advice to prepare your body to conceive
  3. Hormone balancing programs that may include the use of botanicals, nutrition and supplements
  4. Lab testing to examine your hormonal levels
  5. Protecting your eggs using anti oxidants
  6. Optimizing sperm function
  7. Learning how to use a basal body temperature chart to examine your symptoms moth to month
  8. Deep abdominal massage to stimulate blood flow and encourage ovarian function and uterine lining growth
  9. Acupuncture to encourage blood flow, uterine lining thickness and ovulation

We are here to help and support your journey.  Schedule your appointment today.

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