Prebirth Acupuncture


Pre Birth Acupuncture

At Barefoot Health we pride ourselves on our innovative programs that we have developed to offer pregnant women and their families.  One of these programs is called Pre Birth Acupuncture and is offered to first time moms or VBAC patients as part of our pregnancy care package.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture is a series of five 30 minute acupuncture and meditation treatments that are booked once a week from 36 weeks to 40 weeks of pregnancy to prepare the body for labour and birth. Points are used according a woman’s constitution and pregnancy history. These include points to ripen the cervix, to help position the baby in the best presentation for labour and to promote optimal energy and stamina for women to enter into labour.

Our pre birth acupuncture program is modelled after New Zealands Debra Betts, who pioneered this type of acupuncture.  Dr. Doran has studied extensively with Debra Betts and is pleased to offer this program to her patients.

Why pre-birth acupuncture?

Our rationale at Barefoot Health is one of prevention.  Studies show that Pre Birth Acupuncture can reduce the rates of chemical inductions by 45% in first time mothers.  This acupuncture treatment has been clinically shown to help women to deliver within about 4 days of their expected due date without any interference from chemicals or artificial hormones.

Is Pre-Birth Acupuncture Natural Induction?

No, the Pre Birth Acupuncture program is designed to only prepare the body for labour by helping the cervix to soften and efface.   We do not needle any points that will stimulate labour.

The Research

Data on 169 women was gathered by 14 midwives as part of their midwifery practice in Wellington, New Zealand. It was found that when comparing all caregivers (Midwives GP’s and Specialists) to those women who had received prebirth acupuncture there was:

  1.  An overall 35% reduction in the number of inductions (for women having their first baby this was a 43% reduction)
  2.  A 31% reduction in the epidural rate.
  3. 32% reduction in emergency caesarean delivery
  4. A 9 % increase in normal vaginal births.

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For more information about the research behind Prebirth Acupuncture Click Here



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